Alaska Vacation Planning

What to See and Do

So…Joe's dream is to explore Alaska. The first thing we realized is that we had to do some research to decide what part of Alaska we could visit in two weeks and still see as much as possible. Note: Alaska spans 2,261 miles east to west and occupies 16% of the US land area!

We visited the library, our favorite bookshops and the Auto Club for maps, books and magazines to help us plan our itinerary. We also spent a lot of time surfing the web and while we found a lot of information we did not find many personal experiences to draw from (hence this site). Gabi picked up Alaska for Dummies and got lots of ideas for every part of our trip

The next step was for each of us to list the things we most wanted to do and see in Alaska. There were also things we did not want to do such as take an organized bus tour with a lot of other people. Joe did not want to take the inside passage on a cruise so we also ruled that out immediately. (JJ and I thought that sounded fabulous!) We came up with the following list of 'gotta see and dos':

Joe: Denali National Park (animals, plants and terrain), Alaska rail travel and as many natural experiences as possible

Gabi: Glaciers, mountains, water, whales, puffins, salmon and native Alaskan culture

JJ: River rafting, paragliding, boating and flightseeing adventures combined with animals especially bears and moose

We decided that flying into Anchorage and traveling up to Denali by train and then renting a motor home (back in Anchorage) and exploring the Kanai peninsula was just the ticket! The Kanai has everything - glaciers, fjords, whales, exciting opportunities to explore natural wonders and amazing adventures for the entire family.

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