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laguna beach eskimo costumes This website was created to a) learn how to create a website and b) to help people have a really great 'first time Alaska' experience. When we started thinking about going to Alaska, we found great commercial websites for every location and attraction. As we got more serious, we found the personal experiences, on blogs and other sites, to be especially interesting because they seemed more current, more specific and contained information missing in commercial material. We really liked the day by day descriptions. So... this is what we did and how we did it. We hope it's useful and/or interesting. It's not scientific research, but should be fairly accurate. After all... we're tourists in Alaska, but.... We're very much at home in Southern California (see 'First time So Cal'... and especially 'First time Orange County') for information from the 'local's' point of view. We also created a First time Central Coast for a virtual 'drive' up Pacific Coast Highway 101 and 'First Camping Trip' site to share our outdoor adventures both on week-ends and on vacations.

Please feel free to send your questions, comments, suggestions, corrections etc., and we'll be happy to respond. We hope you have a wonderful time in Alaska!!!            Email The Dawsons

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We used these books in planning (and remembering) our first trip to Alaska...